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My agent: Joan Paquette at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

Picture Book Builders, a blog I contribute to on the art of picture book making.

School visits and conference speeches

I enjoy speaking at schools, and my fees vary depending on the event's location and the number and type of presentations I conduct. Generally, I charge $1,500 for a full-day school visit plus travel expenses, if required.

I also love talking to published and aspiring writers, librarians and/or teachers about writing and children's book publishing and can speak to a variety of topics. Contact me with details, and we'll chat.

These blog posts by author Larry Dane Brimner provide information about planning and paying for an author visit.

For more information on having me visit you, contact me at

And, if you're looking for other authors who do school visits, picture book writer Kim Norman keeps a state-by-state list on her website.

Want autographed copies?

You can order autographed copies of any of my books from Mystery to Me Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin.

Just visit the special orders section of the Mystery to Me website. Enter the name of the book you want and then enter any personalization information (like who you want the book signed to) in the Other Comments or Information section.

Mystery to Me will let me know, I'll stop by to sign the book and they will ship it to you.

Things I – unfortunately – cannot do

  • Read your manuscript. I don’t feel comfortable reading manuscripts by authors not in my critique group. However, there are authors who offer formal critique services. Googling “author critique services” or “manuscript critique services” will give you information. Look into a few options, because quality, fees and services vary. And make sure to find someone who specializes in children’s books if that’s what you write.
  • Refer you to an editor or agent. Editors and agents all have their own submission guidelines for how they want to receive manuscripts and hear from writers. Your best bet is to read those guidelines on the publisher’s or agent’s website and then follow them to the letter.
  • Tell you how to get published. I wish I could. But much of the time I’m still trying to figure it out myself. It sounds trite, but the best thing you can do is write an absolutely amazing story, revise it until every word is as polished and perfect as you can make it and then submit to reputable agents or publishers following the guidelines on their websites exactly. Oh, and join the SCBWI. They have so much information about the publishing process.