Five New Releases

2022 is a big book year for me. I have FIVE new books entering the world. They are:

  1. WHEN I'M WITH YOU. This book, with art by the amazing Eliza Wheeler, is all about having that one special someone who just gets you -- a ride-or-die bestie, a BFF, a bae, a boo. Perfect to share with a friend of any age. Order a copy here.
  2. IN OUR GARDEN. What does it mean to be home? Millie, a girl from "more than an ocean away," finds friendship and community when she helps her new school start a rooftop garden and blooms where she's planted. With gorgeous art by Melissa Crowton. Order a copy here.
  3. NOT SO SMALL. You might feel small. Like your voice doesn't matter. But your words and steps and actions can join other people's to make the world a better place. Perfect for discussions about social activism. With beautiful illustrations by Paola Escobar. Order a copy here.
  4. SEE YOU SOMEDAY SOON. Loving someone who's far away can be hard. You have to figure out different ways to stay in touch and plan all the ways you can get from here to there. This innovative book features die-cuts and creative page proportions courtesy of artist Suzy Lee. Order a copy here.
  5. LUPE LOPEZ: ROCK STAR RULES. I co-wrote this book with e.E. Charlton-Trujillo. It's about how a young drummer starts school convinced she's a rock star. and has to learn to balance her rock-star rules with school rules. Order the English version here. Order the Spanish version here.

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