Writing Friends

Every writer needs a support group of other writers. Here’s mine:


My marvelous critique group partners:

And, of course, there are all the wonderful folks at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. And, if you look to the left, you’ll see a photo of me with noted children’ author and illustrator Kevin Henkes. He and I aren’t really friends, but I recently met him and he was very friendly. I am, however, friends with the other woman in the photo, school librarian LuEllen Childers.

The middle photo shows me and JUDY MOODY author Megan McDonald. Meeting her was a huge highlight for me. The right photo shows me with authors Kathy Duval and Mary Hunt.

I also blog about how to write picture books at Picture Book Builders, The blog explores what goes into building a great picture book and how one element of a picture book’s story or art manages to grab us or wow us or strike an emotional chord. My fellow bloggers are: Linda Ashman, Kevan Atteberry, Mike Boldt, Jill Esbaum, Jennifer Black Reinhardt, Tammi Sauer, Suzanne Slade and Eliza Wheeler.

If you're wondering how writing friends can help you out, read this post about how a lot of people contributed to my selling THE QUICKEST KID IN CLARKSVILLE.

Or, read this post about the value of hanging out with people who know the same things as you.

BE KIND is a New York Times bestselling picture book.

And, SOPHIE'S SQUASH earned starred reviews from Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.

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